Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to the Future analysis

Back to the Future part one is about a young man named Marty Mac Fly who is accidentally sent back to Hill Valley in 1955.He goes to the high school and meets his future-parents and accidentally attracts his future mother right before she was to meet his future father.  Marty must repair the damage that he caused by being there. His main problem is that if he doesn’t fix things in time and help his mother fall in love with his father, he will not exist in the future.
He also has to figure out a way to fix the time machine which runs on plutonium.  With the help of scientist “Doc” Emmett Brown , he tries to find a way to return to 1985.  Throughout the film the use of setting and props is used to create character, establish time period, reveal important plot points, and establish important themes.
The opening shot of Back to the Future is a  Dolly. The Director uses this shot to introduce us to one of the main characters of the movie,“Doc” Emmet Brown, and reveal that he is a really messy inventor. As we go around his place we see a huge amount of clocks, every single one has a different shape and seems to come out of a different time period.  Then we see a chain-reaction-invention: It all starts with the clock that rings at a certain time that activates the coffee maker that activates the toaster and that activates the TV. When the TV is turned on we are introduced to Doc’s background. We get the information that 2 weeks ago a box of plutonium was stolen from the nuclear research laboratory. We then see that the dog food opener is activated. This invention has been created to make Doc’s life easier, but the fact that the dog food bowl is overflowing with food tells us that Doc has not been around for several days. In the next shot we move from the level of the inventions to the level of Marty”s feet . We know that he is not the owner of that place cause he knocks on the door and calls Doc several times. He puts his skateboard down and kicks it softly and it rolls against a box of plutonium that is hidden under a blanket under the table so Marty doesn't notice it. . Again we are introduced to an object that is going to play a huge roll in the movie. Marty goes to a huge amplifier in the house and turns every switch on to max. He plugs a cable in the guitar and uses his plectrum. As soon as he hits one note he gets blown across the room and destroys the amplifier. We see his face for the first time when he stands up. He thinks that was awesome. His character is a young man that goes to high school and obviously loves rock and roll.
When Doc calls there is a POV shot of Marty and all the clocks ring. The camera pans around and gives a blurry not focused image. The image looks kind of disturbed and so is the character in that shot. He is disturbed because all the clocks in the room are ringing at the same time and he is not prepared for that. As he realizes that all the clocks are wrong he runs out, because he is going to be late for school. And with that last shot we are again introduced to the plutonium box under the table, as if the director wants to remind us once more that Doc has the plutonium that was mentioned in the TV show.  Within this whole beginning we have been introduced to the two main characters and learned about them, gotten some important plot information about the use of plutonium, and been shown that time is going to be an important part of this time-travel story.
    In the scene after that Marty goes from Doc’s place to the school. We follow him on his skateboard. He skates towards a car and holds onto it. Cause he doesn't have a car because his family can’t effort it. He is very skilled with his skateboard. Through the scene we are introduced to a very big part of the town ( Hill Valley). For example a Florist, a gym, a burger King, a Toys R Us, a modern Texaco, a biker bar, a truck with Goldie Wilson’s face on it and the driver of the car that Marty holds on to wears a mountain Dew hat. There are very modern cars in the town, and cars are all over the place. So the image of the town seems pretty 80s like. The music that is playing over the whole scene is “The Power of Love” (Rock).
    In the scene he enters Hill Valley in 1955. What we see is an advertisement to see a movie for 50 cents. We see a man dressed in 50s clothing and we see a bunch of really old cars. The next thing we see is an old style Texaco gas station. At that station, there are men that do special services to the cars that drive up (that doesn’t happen in 1985.) The next thing we see is a old record store selling 50s music. One of the biggest props in this movie is the clock that starts to ring again. During the whole scene, Mr. Sandman plays a song from that time period.
All these details, costumes and sets are establishing the time period in a huge and amazing way.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Critical Analysis: Alien 1979

“Alien, in space no one can hear you scream” is one of Ridley Scott’s 1979 classics. Alien is one of the most exciting and visually disturbing monster films of all time, and its success prompted three sequels; Aliens (James Cameron, 1986), Alien 3 (David Fincher, 1992) and Alien Resurrection (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1997). It is one of the most famous fiction/horror movies of all time. Some of the characters were turned into action figures and certain themes from the movies were used in various games.
Description: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-OagkpNSB9qQ/TYwnFEVBj4I/AAAAAAAACJk/UquD6HBJgKQ/s1600/alien_xl_05.jpg
One of my favorite scenes in Alien was the birth of the Alien from Kane's stomach. I think it plays on a birth of a child. Just like small kids don’t know how they were born and they think they came out of the belly button or the stomach in general.
The dinner sequence is one of the most thrilling moments in motion picture history. In the scene the dinner room is filled with the crew of the spaceship. Kane is laying on the table screaming his pain out and we see his chest moving upwards and then suddenly a alien bursts out. The unbelievable part about that scene was that the actors were not aware of what was coming and so they’re reactions to the alien were totally natural. It was real horror what they experienced.
One of the other elements of that scene was that the whole crew is wearing white uniforms and the table and even the room is white and that the lighting was very hot. So it had an even more violent, disturbing and disgusting look when the alien exploded out of Kane’s chest and everywhere was blood and organic pieces. This was a huge contrast to the white of the walls and the lighting in the room.
In other Horror movies when men get infected or have a baby the result is either that the man turns into a monster or gives birth to a monster.
Another famous film in this genre with a similar situation is David Cronenberg's “The Fly (1986)”.
One of the terrific features of this film is the extraordinary design for the Alien creature. It is one of the most disturbing creations in the history of cinema. It is a terrifying creature that changes its form by injecting “substances” into a mans chest which grows into a terrifying monster that bursts out and kills the whole spaceship crew.
The problem that the crew has now is that the creature seems to be indestructible. When they try to get it off the mans face they cut the creature and it sets a acid free that burns almost a hole threw the whole spaceship.

In Alien , the dominant focus is the appearance of the Alien itself. The creature is only seen a few times at the beginning in its involved form so it is quiet a shock to see how big the alien has grown in only a few days. (Second kill/ in the storeroom/we see the first time how big the alien has grown)
The Director creates the sense of terror in that we know the characters are going to die or are already dead, but their deaths aren’t portrayed in detail. Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-ciWGIsZOUHo/TYwmMvuNVsI/AAAAAAAACJY/Ayi2QRKTFhQ/s1600/alien_1979.jpg  In this image the Alien is about to bite in a head of a Crewmember and we don’t see the crewmembers head but we know he/she died for sure.
Description: ttp://www.gonemovies.com/WWW/Pictures/Pictures/Alien26.jpg
In this scene the commander is in the tunnels of the ship, searching for the alien. He has a flamethrower with him. With it he lights the tunnels in front and behind him. But there is nothing there. The Crew also has a radar where they can see where the alien is. It is coming towards the commander and everyone starts to freak out. Then suddenly when the alien “reaches” the commander he uses his flamethrower the last time and lights the tunnel. So we see the Alien jumping at him and “killing” him.  This scene is one of the scariest in the whole movie and it was one of my favorite ones to. I like it because it build’s a lot of tension and then releases it in one moment.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The 39 steps by Alfred Hitchcock

The 39 Steps was filmed in 1935.It is a British thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
 The movie is about Richard Hannay who lives during a time were spies are everywhere.
 One asks him to help her. Her name is Annabell smith and she tells him that she is also a spy.
A spy that is chased by assasins and that has uncovered a plot to steal vital British military secrets, masterminded by a man with the top joint missing from one of his fingers. She mentions the "39 steps", but does not explain its meaning.
I think a important part of the movie was the sound .
Because it made the hole atmosphere of the film smoother and more nice.
And it sometimes made bridges into other scenes.
For example when the maid was screaming it turned into a whisle of a train that was a good choice because they were both high sounds.And it kind of conected the two scenes better than just a normal cutt.
We also get a better emotional picture what the character is feeling at the moment.
For exampel when Richard was laying in the bed with the woman on the couch infront of him.
The music is soft and romantic and that relates to the emotians of the character in that scene.(woman ).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"Metropolis" is a German expressionist movie and it was produced in 1927. It is a science-fiction movie directed by Fritz Lang during the Weimar republic. The movie is about the social crisis between the workers of the city and the owners of the city. The problem hereby is that the workers have a lower social level as the owners. For example the owners have they're eternal Garden which is a place of
total peace and love. One the other side there are the workers we see scenes where they do they're work in a very Robotic and jerky way. Every worker has the same style of cloth on and they all move the same.To me they looked like slaves which are just there to work and nothing else.
The conflict comes up when the main character , Freder, sees Maria ,a beautiful girl who has with her a group of workers children. He is totally blown away by her and falls in love with her and after she is send back into the workers world he follows her.
There, he sees the horrors of the workers' lives. He is appalled when an enormous machine, the "Moloch" violently explodes, killing dozens of workers. The workers are pushed into the machine to sacrifice them.
This scene is the key scene when he realizes what is actually happening to the workers in the city.
All characters were really interesting characters and meaningful for the future for example Doc. Rotwang was an icon for "evil scientists " and the "machine man" was for me a inspiring character that relates maybe also to star wars because of "C3PO ". I think that this movie had great shots of the city metropolis because of it's angles and its design i also think that this movie influenced a lot of movie makers in the future to design they're buildings and city's  just like them in metropolis.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The great Train Robbery

It was such a great experience to see these actors walking on the screen. I was like totally blown away by that. For example as the train was coming towards us some people were jumping up and screaming. Because they thought the train was coming out of the frame. That movie shows us that we are able to fake such violence in a real realistic way. I was quiet shocked about it that they show violence and especially a train robbery is the worst thing that could happen in our time. But it was still a thing that i would want to see again.

The great train robbery was the first western of its time. It was also one of the first movies that had violence in it. The hole movie has got 19 scenes. It was the first edited movie . The thing they edited was that they showed the audience a before after scene at the end of the movie so that the audience knows since when the police is hunting the robbers. I think it was a great movie for that time because it showed a scene that is not out of the everyday life.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New York Stories-Life lessons

New York Stories consists of three shorts with the central theme is being in New York City. The movie is directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Richard Price. The main actors name was Nick Nolte. The film shows the life of a painter that is left alone and is not able to paint because he has no inspiration. The problem herby is that he has a major gallery in a few weeks. He tries to call his assistant and former lover Paulette, who recently left him, to help him get back on track as an artist.
The way that the shots are used in the movie is very interesting. Because there are so many insert shots and OTS shots. I think martin Scorsese wanted to show us what is happening in Dobie’s head.(feelings, way of thinking )

What I noticed was that every time he started painting again he had a fight or a discussion before. So I think he painted his hate and his sadness and his love to the wall in front of him and so his paintings were really good because they mean something to him.

This image shows us when he got his inspiration back.  He can draw his feelings now. At the begging he was kind of stuck and standing in front of a white wall.
It all changed when Paulette came back.